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Stammering Facts

We’re sure you have many questions regarding your stammer. Please click the following page to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

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Stambassadors connects people from the world of work who stammer with young people who stammer, sharing their stories and inspiring young people to think big when they are considering their career choices.

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ASC Youth Panel

The ASC Youth Panel is a collection of bright young stammerers from across the UK with the aim of raising awareness of stammering and celebrating differences.

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Double Your Donation this week with the Big Give Christmas Challenge!

Help ASC raise £20k for the MPC Helpline with the Big Give ‘Double your Donation’ Christmas Challenge 2018!

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Congratulations Phoebe and Team Rickshaw!

They've done it! Team Rickshaw have completed the entire 423 miles of their epic 8 day journey and reached Salford

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Trustees’ Week: Claudine writes about her experience as a Trustee for ASC

I write these words five days after my participation in the Athens marathon, thanks to which I managed to raise more than £1500 for ASC

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