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Changing lives, changing attitudes

Action for Stammering Children is the UK charity for children and young people who stammer, their families, and the communities who support them. We provide advice and information, champion research, and campaign for policy and societal change.


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We’re here to provide  information, guidance and support for children who stammer, their families and those who work with them. If you need support, please get in touch with us.

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About stammering

Stammering affects around 8% of children. You can access more information about what stammering is and how it can impact children on our website and in our support hub.

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Impact 2022/23

  • 27,000 views of award-winning Me & My Stammer short film
  • 53 children accessed specialist stammering courses through our partnership projects
  • 12 beneficiaries of our mentoring scheme
  • 1 new research publication



Stammering isn’t something that should stand in the way of a young person’s dreams and aspirations. If you’re an adult who stammers passionate about changing attitudes towards stammering, think about getting involved in our Stambassador Network to inspire young people.

Stambassadors Network

ASC Youth Panel

The ASC Youth Panel – a group of young people aged between 15 and 25 – was founded in 2015. Joining the Youth Panel is a great way to meet other young people who stammer and to improve awareness about stammering in your community.  

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