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Stammering Facts

We’re sure you have many questions regarding your stammer. Please click the following page to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

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Stambassadors connects people from the world of work who stammer with young people who stammer, sharing their stories and inspiring young people to think big when they are considering their career choices.

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ASC Youth Panel

The ASC Youth Panel is a collection of bright young stammerers from across the UK with the aim of raising awareness of stammering and celebrating differences.

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Careers Networking Event

For young people who stammer, climbing the first rungs of the career ladder can often be a daunting prospect. The charity Action for Stammering Children (ASC) will be holding a careers networking event, on the 11th July, to help connect young people who stammer with adults who stammer and have built successful careers across a wide and interesting variety of fields.

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“When I met Michael Palin”

I arrived at the BBC studios filled with excitement for that morning. I had a rough idea of what would be happening that day. I would be meeting Micheal Palin

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We Did It! Thank you for helping us reach our Big Give Christmas Challenge Target

WE DID IT! Thanks to your generosity, we’ve managed to smash our £20k target in the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

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