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For many young people their first step on the career ladder is fraught with apprehension and uncertainty, with many concerned about how prospective employers will respond to their stammer. Our Stambassaor Network exists to dispel the notion that young people should curb their aspirations because they stammer. By becoming an ASC Stambassador, you can provide the inspiration and reassurance that young people and parents are looking for as they embark on their next steps into higher education and the workplace. 

Improving understanding about stammering brings about positive changes in attitudes, making society a more inclusive and respectful place for people who stammer. We know that many employers are keen to facilitate an inclusive environment for all members of their staff team, and we also know that stammering is often not well understood outside the stammering community. By becoming a Stambassador, you can be our ambassador in your organisation, enabling us to provide the resources, training and guidance that employers are often looking for. 

Download the briefing pack below and get in touch: [email protected]. 

Stambassador Network Brief

For more information about our Stambassador Network and what ASC Stambassadors do to support our work, download our briefing pack.