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Corporate outreach Programme

The objective of our corporate outreach programme is to create a bridge between businesses and the charity. By working together, we aim to raise awareness about stammering and facilitate positive changes in societal attitudes. There are a number of ways that corporate organisations can work with us to make the workplace more inclusive:

Our Stambassador Network

Our Stambassador Network comprises professionals who stammer, who are willing to share their stories of navigating some of the challenges they face entering the workplace with a stammer. They provide a crucial link between the charity and industry, and we welcome new members to the network regularly. More information about the way the Stambassador Network support our corporate outreach programme can be found here.

Employer Partnership Schemes

We are already registered with Benevity and welcome employees to select us as their nominated charity.

Sponsored events and projects

Several of our projects form part of our permanent offer to families but to deliver them every year, we need to fundraise. If your organisation is interested in being the sole, or part, sponsor of one of our existing projects, then do let us know by contacting [email protected].