Who are the ASC Youth Panel?

The ASC Youth Panel was started in 2015 to enable young people who stammer to have their say. It is a collective of bright young stammerers from across the UK working on projects to raise awareness about stammering and to celebrate differences.

They aim to use the support and influence of the education system to further project their voice and presence, and begin their mission to create safer, more natural spaces for young people who stammer.



What do they do?

Our Youth Panel meet around five times in the year to discuss current projects and ideas on raising awareness of stammering in their local areas. They have been busy working on a new website encouraging more young people across the UK to sign up and become Youth Ambassadors through their Facebook page. After doing so, young people can join the conversation and have their say on topics about stammering and the issues they face.

You can get involved by:

  • Discovering the work of the ASC Youth Panel and visiting their site
  • Signing up and becoming a Youth Ambassador
  • Getting involved and joining the conversation through social media

Want to find out more? Click here to view the ASC Youth Panel website.

” I think it’s important to look at a stammer as something that’s only a part of you and that what you’re saying is much more important than how you say it”

“I think it’s important that people know that stammering exists and that it’s not some sort of nerves thing. A lot of people say ‘Oh, he’s only nervous,’ but it’s not that, it’s a natural thing.”


Something I would recommend to people who stammer


Youth Panel member, Thomas, gives his advice


Phoebe speaks about fundraising for ASC!

The ASC Youth Panel hopes to create a society where having a stammer isn’t a barrier to success for young people! You can help us get there.

Please visit the the panel’s official site at:


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