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From wartime to peacetime, Parts of Speech is a frank memoir telling the story of three generations of stammerers – all from one family. Based primarily around the impact of the author’s lifelong stammer on his career and private life, with unsuccessful speech therapy and unexpected attempts at treatment (including hypnosis), it exposes the everyday hurdles and glass ceilings a stammerer faces. It records the challenges his father overcame as a successful professional soldier with a stammer. It ends positively with the author’s young grandson who had early, successful therapy for his stammer. Sales of Parts of Speech will benefit the charity Action for Stammering Children.

Tony Millett was born in England in 1942. He stammered from a very early age. Having gained an English Literature degree at Nottingham University, he started a career in journalism. His many roles in television news were editorial and primarily for Independent Television News. Once retired, he studied UK’s war crimes policies since the First World War and was awarded a doctorate at King’s College London. He married Alison Clarke in 1966 and they have two daughters and two grandsons. Alison and Tony live in Wiltshire.

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