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In collaboration with the James Lind Alliance, we are leading the first ever priority setting partnership into developmental childhood stammering. 

A priority setting partnership (PSP) brings together patients, carers and clinicians to identify the priorities for future research into a particular health area through a systematic, highly-reputed process. 

The PSP steering group, which is made up of individuals with experience of stammering and representatives from organisations across the stammering community help us to drive forward this project. 

Our first step was to invite parents and caregivers, young people who stammer, education and health professionals who work with children and young people who stammer to share the questions about stammering that they would like answered. After checking the questions we received against the existing literature, we ended up with a long list of summary questions. We went back out to the stammering community and asked them to rank their top ten questions from the long list, ending up with a short list to take to our workshop in November. At that workshop, we will discuss and deliberate the Top Ten most important questions that future research should prioritise, as identified by those with experience of stammering. 

We intend to use these priorities to influence the questions addressed by researchers and funders in future. More on this soon.

Keep up to date on our dedicated website page: