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Last month, we held a series of workshops at the UCL Campus in Bloomsbury about stammering and how to manage it within different scenarios.

These workshops came about after we were contacted by a student, Gabrielle, who is studying

We held our first session ‘Confidence Building’ with ASC Stambassador Jordan Hall, who delivered remarks about his own experiences of growing up with a stammer, and how he came to find confidence in his voice.

Jordan shared with students how when he was younger he would shy away from opportunities, but now he finds himself having given interviews on national news, travelling the world solo and working in Parliament. His proclamation that “life begins at the edge of your comfort zone” resonated with the students, some of whom stammer themselves.

ASC Stambassador Jordan Hall delivering remarks to students at UCL

We then held our second session, this time online, which focused on managing stammering in University and the workplace. Our guests from all over the country tuned in to hear from two of our brilliant Youth Panel members Mike and Phoebe.

Students also had the chance to ask them questions throughout, which led to a lot of meaningful and important discussion around how stammering can affect different people in different situations.

This project aimed to spread awareness about stammering and also create a safe space for those with a stammer to share their experiences.

Gabrielle, UCL Student

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Gabrielle for bringing this project to us with such dedication and enthusiasm, as well as to the whole UCL Giving Voice Society team for their support.

You can learn more about their work here: