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City University Intensive Group 

The one-week long intensive stammering course run by speech and language therapists at City University is open to all young people who stammer (aged 13 – 17) living in the UK. Children who stammer and also have additional needs are  eligible to attend.

The course focuses on developing confidence in communicating, resilience and self-esteem. In particular, young people will:

  • Explore ways to experience more effective and enjoyable communication
  • Increase their understanding of communication, speaking and stammering
  • Meet other young people who stammer
  • Explore ways to stammer with less struggle and tension
  • Develop greater awareness of their communication strengths and skills
  • Practice communication/speaking goals that are important for them in their life
  • Build more resiliency around communication.

The course also includes a parents’ session, which focuses on:

  • Educating parents on supporting the young person’s resiliency around speaking and communication
  • Tackling specific topics that are important for parents, e.g., managing transitions, teasing/bullying, handling stress, etc.

The next intensive stammering course run by City University will take place from Monday 22nd – Friday 26th July 2024.
Find out more, including how to apply, here: Applications are open for the 2024 City University Intensive Group – Action for Stammering Children

Action for Stammering Children currently offer a bursary scheme for low income London-based families who wish for their child to attend the course. The bursary scheme will cover:

  • The course fee
  • Travel expenses for the young person and their parents
  • Subsistence for the week

Young people will need to have been offered a place on the course before applying for a bursary from Action for Stammering Children. While ASC administers the bursary application process, referrals for the course should be made to City University directly.

Forces Fund

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to subsidise places on any of our projects for families of children and young people who stammer from Forces Families. If your child is eligible, get in touch and we can discuss the projects available with you.