We believe that every child deserves a fair chance in life, and our aim is to make sure children and young people who stammer are given the same opportunities as their peers.

It’s not difficult to find successful people in all walks of life who stammer from Marilyn Monroe, to King George VI, Ex-Vice President Joe Biden, Ed Sheeran, the Actor Emily Blunt and former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. As a Charity we meet people from all backgrounds who stammer from Chief Executives to apprentices every day. In fact, people who stammer can be found just about everywhere!

Stambassadors connects people from the world of work who stammer with young people who stammer, sharing their stories and inspiring young people to think big when they are considering their career choices.  Take a look at the videos below to hear from people talking about their jobs, their career and their stammer!

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Stambassador videos
Stambassadors - John Murphy

Owner of Lennon Wright Associates, John Murphy, talks about his career with a stammer.

Stambassadors - Claudine Provencher

Claudine, Head of LSE Life at the London School of Economics, speaks to ASC about her career.

Stambassadors - Zain Ghani

Zain Ghani, ASC Youth Panel member and Better Living Advisor at Calderdale Council, speaks to ASC about his job.

Stambassadors - Andy McGrath

Andy McGrath, Editor at Rouleur Magazine, talks to ASC about his career with and his stammer.

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