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Sam recently became one of our Stambassadors – look out for his interview on our Stambassador page  in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you haven’t already then we’d encourage you to take a look at his excellent TikTok account, where he shares his experiences of living life with a stammer. From getting his hair cut to ordering breakfast in his local caf, Sam is hoping to inspire other young people who stammer by proving that having a stammer doesn’t need to stop you enjoying everyday experiences.

We asked Sam why he decided to put himself out there and start creating these TikTok videos…

I was really shy and didn’t talk to anyone, I didn’t have any confidence. Two years ago that all changed when I started doing TikTok videos talking about my stammer and the ways I have tried to build my confidence.

I was really nervous doing a video –  I didn’t know what people would be like. But then I started receiving really nice comments from people and that made me want to do more videos! I wanted to do more to help people that have a stammer and who are not very confident.

As I was doing more and more videos my confidence for talking on camera was getting better and better and I was able to control my stammer a lot better. I was receiving comments saying that I’m helping so many people and inspiring them to go out there and push themselves!

My recent videos have been of me showing people that even if you have a stammer and are not very confident, you can still do whatever you want in life – here I am going to a cafe to order breakfast and going for my haircut at the local hairdressers. I have got a lot more videos planned showing me in different situations and sharing my experiences. You can keep up to date by following me on TikTok @stammerexperiences