#AboutMyStammer – New posters designed by young people who stammer!

We’re pleased to unveil a new series of posters co-produced by Action for Stammering Children and NHS South West Yorkshire Partnership.

These five new posters were designed by young people who stammer, with an aim of educating schools & the wider community about how it feels to stammer – from the perspective of a young person.  

The designs feature quotes by the young people, as well as facts about stammering and how to support a young person who stammers.

We worked closely with Speech & Language Therapist Nicola Maddy and some of the young people she supports to put together these new designs, which can be downloaded by clicking the buttons below.

Help us spread the word about these posters to schools or organisations that work with young people who stammer.

Use the hashtag #AboutMyStammer to share your own stammering advice and insights and tag us on social media:

With special thanks to Nicola Maddy and the young people who contributed to these new designs.


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