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I have read the book ‘How to be more Hedgehog’ by Anne-Marie Conway and this is my book review.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to come back for more! The story is about a girl called Lilly who has a stammer, her family and her life in and out of school. Dealing with the classroom, friendships, family life, becoming more confident and living your best life with your stammer. I could relate to Lilly so much throughout the book and couldn’t believe how accurate Anne-Marie has described living with a stammer. I could actually feel a how Lilly was feeling as I’ve been in the same situations, I felt as if it could have been me in the book! Absolutely amazing!!

I laughed throughout the whole book, especially the part describing a stammer as a machine gun…. I have often said this when stammering myself. I also really liked all the facts about hedgehogs.

Every evening I looked forward to reading a chapter before bed, I really hope there will be a second book as I enjoyed it so much. I can definitely recommend the book to people who stammer and I just know they will be able to relate. I also recommend the book to people who don’t stammer as it teaches so much about stammering.

I would give the book a solid 10 out of 10. One of my favourite books.

By Sam Wiggins