Preparing for an Interview

If you’ve got an interview that is fantastic news. It’s natural to be nervous, and you be worried about your stammer. Our advice and the advice of the ASC Youth Panel is:

  • Be confident, you’ve got an interview so they like what you have to say!
  • Own your stammer, speak to the organisation contact before the interview, let them know that you have stammer, and that as a result it may take you a bit longer to get your words particularly in a new situation. Zain Ghani from the ASC youth Panel did just that ‘I just told them I had a stammer as soon as they asked me to attend the interview, it put me at ease, my stammer didn’t come as a surprise and the interview went really, and in this instance I got the job’.  Below is some useful hints and tips for your interview:

Here are some useful links to help you prepare for your interview:

  • Interview questions and answers here
  • Hints on your personal impact and presentation here
  • Interview tips here

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