Applying for a job or an apprenticeship

Applying for an Apprenticeship

Click here to read some useful hints and tips about applying for an Apprenticeship.

Writing a Good Covering Letter/CV or Application Form

Ultimately getting an interview for a job/apprenticeship is a competitive experience.  With lots of young people looking for work at any one time, what sets you aside and would make that organisation interview over someone else?  Below are some really useful links to further information from Inspiring the Future about writing a successful cover letter, and completing a good, concise CV or application form depending on that organisations requirements.

Researching an Organisation

If an organisation asks for a cover letter and CV, it’s really important that you do your homework to understand as much as you can about the organisation and tailor your cover letter and CV accordingly.  Remember, they are looking for someone to fit into their organisation, so the more they picture you there, the more likely they are to interview.

TIP – just throwing out lots of untargeted letters and CVs will quickly be apparent to the recruiting organisation.  Click here to learn more about how to research an organisation.

Writing a good cover letter or application form

There is a huge amount of information out there about writing a successful CV, and it can be slightly confusing how you should go about starting.  The links below some clear guidance from Inspiring the Future.   One rule of thumb is you should try and keep to two sides of A4, it should be clear and concise listing your achievements, and it should never have a photo due to organisations complying with equal opportunities legislation.

Writing a Cover Letter – click here for advance and tips of how to write a cover

Writing a Cover Letter/Completing an application form – click here for advice on writing a cover letter/completing an application.

Writing a good CV

Writing a Good CV – click here for tips on writing a good CV and here for some good and bad examples.




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