S.T.U.C – Stammerers Through University Campaign

When 24 year old Claire Norman was at the University of Warwick reading French Studies BA (Hons) from 2010 to 2014, she felt that this was a brave decision for a stammerer as it involved a placement abroad and French Oral segments over the four-year course.

At the start of the second term of her final year, in January 2014, she noticed a gap in the ‘market’ of support for stammerers. Claire commented “I found a lack of resources available for stammerers who are students, whereas children, teenagers and adults who stammer could easily find advice.”

As a result, she decided to fill this gap by creating a support campaign that would help university students who stammer, which she would have found invaluable had it been in existence during her university studies.  Read more below.

With financial assistance from the University of Warwick’s Social Enterprise Award and practical support from some Trustees of the British Stammering Association, STUC (Stammerers Through University Campaign) was born.


Claire Norman    

How it works

The Stammerers Through University Campaign (or ‘STUC’ – emphasising the possible feeling of being trapped by having a disability) aims to go into universities as a way for those who are affected by stammering to attend a seminar in a non-judgemental, supportive environment. Attended by a combination of University stammerers, lecturers, counsellors, anyone with an interest in stammering, and psychologists from Universities who are researching the notion of stammering.

The aim is, that by bringing together university students, staff and personnel who stammer, this will create a group of individuals who can, as a collective, discuss and examine issues and possible resolutions.

Becoming a University Partner

As a university, becoming a Partner of STUC is easy and we would work with the university to hold a focus group and subsequent seminar on campus or relevant location, allowing students or staff members to gain support throughout their degree.  Attending the focus group and seminar, will give university students a voice in the group’s final report, and the resulting actions of how your university can offer more support.

Every university partner would be named on the website, and mentioned as such in future meeting or via social media.

To sign up or get more information, go to: www.stuc-uk.org


Below is the list of those Universities and Student Unions who have signed up as partners of S.T.U.C.

  • Newcastle University
  • University College London (with University College London Students’ Union)
  • Imperial College London
  • University of York
  • University of Kent
  • King’s College London
  • Leeds Trinity University
  • University of St. Andrews
  • City University London
  • University of the Arts London (with University of the Arts London Students’ Union)
  • University of East Anglia Students’ Union
  • De Montfort University – Leicester
  • Bath Spa University

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