Aimon is 6 years old and has been attending the Centre for 18 months. He has been stammering since he was 3 years old. His parents have attended parent-child interaction therapy, to find ways that they can support him with his talking at home. They have regular special times with him at home when they focus on slowing their rate of talking down and letting Aimon lead the play. His younger sister has also been involved in some therapy sessions, to practice taking turns with the whole family. As Aimon has got older, he has started to become more aware of his talking being difficult sometimes and recently he said he would like some help. He has recently been learning ‘bus talking’ which helps him to slow down his talking and to give himself time to think, which helps him to be more fluent. He said it is ‘easy to talk’ when he uses bus talking. His mum is also pleased with how Aimon has progressed, saying that he no longer blinks his eyes or gets tense in his body when he stammer, he is much more confident now and he is talking so much her friends don’t recognise that he is the same child as a year ago.


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