Stamback in Time

Stamback in Time is a project the ASC Youth Panel are currently seeking funding for.  The aim is that it will bring the history of stammering to life, challenge societal misconceptions, and provide an appealing and entertaining educational resource, looking at two areas:

Stammering through History

Working with the London Metropolitan Archive and in partnership with the ASC Youth Panel, we will research well-know people throughout history who stammer, from royalty, such as George VI played by ASC Vice President Colin Firth in the film ‘The King’s Speech,’ to politicians, musicians, actors, writers and athletes. The ASC Youth Panel would then research each person in turn to understand more about their stammer and their achievements in their lifetime, demonstrating clearly that having a stammer should not hold you back in life.  Enlisting the help of the Charity’s Vice Presidents as well – Ed Balls, former shadow chancellor and Michael Palin – we will truly bring this exciting project to life, ensuring a high profile and the maximum exposure.

Working with the ASC Youth Panel – 15 inspirational young people aged 13 – 25 who stammer – we aim to build a lasting heritage legacy with records of both the Michael Palin Centre and well known people throughout history who have stammered. In doing so, the project will break-down barriers showing children and young people that having a stammer needn’t hold you back in life, and that you can aspire to be just as successful in your own right as the well-known figures they have researched.

The ASC Youth Panel are the voice for a wider group of young people on social media known as ASC Youth Ambassadors, and this network will be essential in taking ‘Stamback in Time’ across the UK.  One of the key outcomes will be the online ‘Stamback in Time’ game, to be promoted in schools, on both the ASC and ASC Youth Panel websites, and on social media, presenting young people with historical facts in a fun and engaging way, enabling maximum exposure and participation from their demographic.

It is a pivotal moment for the charity as we have developed our new strategy to reach increasing numbers of children and young people across the UK, and we are lining up the resources to deliver this exciting new project.  The ASC Youth Panel is firmly established and in their first year of existence they have established their own website and social media presence. They also came up with the exciting idea for the ‘Stamback in Time’ project and have helped to develop it. We are excited that this project will be the first major public campaign that they have been involved with.



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