3. Social isolation and online learning during COVID-19; It’s impact on the language development of children that stammer and the wellbeing of children and parents.

Do you have a child aged 5-11 that has a stammer?

Would you like to take part in a research study?

What will it involve?

  • An online questionnaire for a primary caregiver to complete
  • It will include questions regarding how the national lockdown has affected you and your child. Specifically, its effect on your child’s language development and wellbeing. There will also be some questions surrounding your own (parental) wellbeing.

Are you eligible?

  • You must be a primary caregiver of a child aged 5- 11 that has a stammer
  • Your child’s stammer must have been present before the national UK lockdown (23rd of March 2020).
  • Your child must have no other known developmental or neurological/neurogenetic impairment
  • Both you and your child must have no former diagnosis of a mental health disorder

If you are interested in taking part in this study, please click on the link below:


As a thank you for taking part, you will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win a £50 amazon gift voucher!



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