‘Stackback in Time’ has officially launched!

We have now launched our brand new website, ‘Stamback in Time’, the two year project that has been created and put together by our very own Youth Panel. Since it’s launch in September, we have received excellent feedback and lots of positive reviews.

The ASC Youth Panel is a collection of bright young stammerers from across the country with the aims of raising awareness of stammering and celebrating differences. They want to create a society where having a stammer isn’t a barrier to success for young people. 

The aim of the website is to bring awareness of stammering into the forefront of people’s minds. By highlighting a selection of famous people who stammer, and providing tips and advice, we hope to empower, educate and engage young people who stammer and their friends and family. The idea behind using celebrities and famous historical figures, came from wanting to prove to young people that their stammer should not act as a barrier to success. Of course it’s not as simple as that, but by having people who they recognise as having had success in their careers, we hope that young people will not consider their stammer as stopping them from achieving what they want.

Over the course of the project, we have met to discuss the various stages of the project. This included researching the historical figures at the London Metropolitan archive including Churchill, Nye Bevan, King George VI and Marylin Monroe. The Youth Panel then sent in content for the rest of the celebrities including Ed Sheeran, Emily Blunt and Stormzy. Using this content the developer created a mini profile for each person, with a short bio, two top tips, a game and fun facts which are revealed once the game has been played.

It has been an excellent way of bringing together the Youth Panel, who are keen to raise awareness. They hope to create some merchandise to go with the game as well which we will sell, with all profits going back to the Charity. 

So visit the website and let us know what you think! Even better, spread the word and share the website with your friends and family, so even more people can discover facts about stammering.



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