Project Partnership Application


Many of our existing projects are developed through relationships with our reputable delivery partners. If you have a project in mind that aims to benefit children and young people who stammer, and/or their families, and aligns with our charitable objectives, we would be interested in hearing from you. Potential applicants are invited to read the guidelines below ahead of making an application to work with us.  

ASC’s Strategic Goals

We will consider project partnerships that support one or more of our strategic goals, which include:

  • To increase access to effective therapy services for children and young people across the UK who stammer 
  • To empower children and young people who stammer by giving them a voice within our organisation and in society 
  • To assist the parents of children and young people who stammer, so that they are better able to support their children 
  • To improve the ability of speech and language therapists to provide effective services to children and young people who stammer 
  • To promote research into the most effective treatment in children and young people To promote awareness of stammering and the impact it had on children and young people’s lives, and to change public perceptions. 

Project Criteria

We will consider entering into a partnership with you if the project meets the following criteria:

  • Focuses on children and young people who stammer (aged up to 25 years) in the UK 
  • Clearly aligns with one or more of our strategic objectives  
  • Provides benefits that would not otherwise be available through statutory funding 

We will consider project partnerships of varying sizes and scope, but please note that larger-scale projects will entail a lengthier process, which will need to be considered in relation to the timescale for your project. 

We would not normally commit to a partnership that extends beyond a single financial year. However, if your project is multi-year, we would be open to exploring with you the options for extending the partnership for the benefit of the project. 

We will not be able to consider contributing financially to projects where our funding will contribute towards the following: 

  • Statutory obligations    
  • Political lobbying and campaigning    
  • Capital funding 
  • Endowment funds 
  • Salaries of posts employed by local authorities or public services

In the first instance, please complete our short Expression of Interest form. 


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