Michael Derrig-Adams, who raised over £13,000, was interviewed on ITV news and Channel 5!

Michael Derrig-Adams, who last year raised over £13,000 for Action for Stammering Children, in partnership with his Kung-Fu school was interviewed last night, 10th March 2020, on both ITV news and Channel 5 news, on their primetime slots.

During the interview on ITV, Michael spoke in detail about the documentary, which he directed and produced himself, called ‘My Stammer and Me’. When asked by the presenter, what he wanted people to take away from the documentary, he said that he hopes to give someone who has a stammer, hope, as he features three other people and documents their experience with stammering. He says for those who don’t have stammers, he wants to teach them how to react to someone with a stammer. Michael also spoke about the opportunity he had to interview Michael Palin for his documentary, who Michael says was a ‘true gentleman’ because he has supported the Charity so much over the years.

Steven was asked about the report which was recently released, highlighting the postcode lottery in stammering services across the UK. Among other things, he mentioned The Michael Palin Centre and the superb results that many families receive as a result of the expert team of therapists here. 

You can watch the ITV news interview on YouTube here

But they didn’t stop there, as over on Channel 5, Steven spoke about the postcode lottery report as well as mentioning the ‘Stamback in Time’ project. This is in collaboration with our Youth Panel and is based on creating an interactive website about famous people from the past and present, who have stammered. This includes Winston Churchill, Marylin Monroe, Ed Sheeran, Emily Blunt to name a few.

Michael spoke again about how he had the chance to meet Michael Palin, as well as giving some special advice to young people with a stammer. Michael’s advice was to ‘be proud to have a stammer, because we are unique and don’t let your stammer hold you back. Just be proud to have one.’ 

You can watch the Channel 5 clip here

Well done to Michael for speaking so wonderfully about his experiences stammering and we look forward to working with him in the future! 



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