May the force be with you this bank holiday!

By Balshen Izzet, Chief Executive of Action for Stammering Children

Today is everyone’s favourite Friday…the Friday before Bank Holiday Monday!  One thing is for sure, whatever it is we have planned, we all hope and pray the sun comes out to give us a fantastic long weekend full of bright sunshine – though, I’m afraid, my weather app begs to differ.

But as some of us dust down the BBQ, praying the weather app is wrong, others will be dusting down their lightsaber in preparation for Star Wars Day on Monday.  Yes, Star Wars Day!  I’m not going to claim that I am a diehard fan and I doubt the force will be with me *see what I’ve done there?* but here’s a fact about James Earl Jones, the amazing and iconic voice of Darth Vader, that many do not know: he had a stammer.  James Earl Jones is another icon who did not let his stammer get in the way of achieving his dreams and has the accolade of being the voice of the most recognisable villain in the world!

He joins Samuel L Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Ed Sheeran and Winston Churchill in a long list of talented people who didn’t let their stammer prevent them from following their dreams and becoming huge success stories.

Another important upcoming event is Stuttering Awareness Week on the week commencing 11th May, and we will be kicking off with a fabulous event organised and hosted by Dr. Paul Dolan, behavioural scientist at the London School of Economics and 2014’s bestselling author of Happiness by Design.  Paul has a stammer and will give a very personal account of living with a stammer.

The event will help fundraise for Action for Stammering Children and the British Stammering Association as well as raise public awareness on the issues of stammering.  All proceeds that go to Action for Stammering Children will help children with a stammer.

Please book your tickets here and come and be part of this great night helping us raise money to reach more children across the UK.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend and Happy Star Wars Day to you all!



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