Mapping a new era – an invitation to join us!

Picture this: you find yourself on the quest to find the fitting support for your child’s stammer. The way ahead seems unclear, and new challenges arise at any step, leaving you unsure about your direction in the midst of all the uncertainties. It’s like navigating through uncharted territory, a journey into the unknown. We are inviting you to change that. 

We recognise that this experience is unfortunately the reality for so many families looking for stammering support across England. We have decided to help, by designing a platform with the sole purpose of guiding you to the right support for you and your child. A place where you can easily access up-to-date information about all types of support available for stammering. One stop for all the information you need, that you can easily access any time. This platform is not just about information – it’s about empowerment, understanding, and solidarity. 

How it works: 

Simple as A, S, C! 

A: access this link to express your interest in taking part; 

S: share your insights within our focus groups; 

C: create a resource that aligns with your needs and experiences; 

Your experiences are crucial for developing a platform that understands and relates to families looking for stammering support. As such, we have planned a series of focus groups in which we want to gather your valuable insights and ultimately unravel the untold stories of families. By sharing your journey, you can help us create a user-friendly resource that addresses your needs, concerns, and questions. We envision this platform as a beacon of guidance, offering a comprehensive overview of therapy options, insightful stories, and credible advice – all about giving you the information you need to find the support you want. By sharing your perspectives, you will help lay the foundations for this platform.  

Each session will last for about an hour, providing ample time to explore important topics and gather comprehensive feedback. In appreciation of your active participation and dedication to the cause, we want to offer you a £10 national book voucher! By joining us on this adventure, you’ll be contributing to something much greater than just a project; you’ll be contributing to a community-driven movement. By engaging in the creation of this platform, you become architects of a resource that echoes your journey, while providing guidance to families facing similar challenges. 

Ready to embark on this quest? Simply follow the link below to ensure you meet our eligibility criteria:  

Should you have any questions or need more information before taking this leap of faith, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] 



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