If you stammer and need to wear a mask…here are some top tips.

Jack talks us through his top tips for wearing a mask if you stammer.

Jack Dinsley, who has previously run school workshops about stammering, is here to give us his tips about how to manage your stammer whilst wearing a mask.

As we all know, it’s become compulsory in restaurants, shops and other indoor areas to wear your mask. However, in some cases, (not in all cases though), this can cause an extra barrier to people who stammer as it can create more anxiety about speaking.

Jack’s tips to help manage this are:

  1. Just take your time. Everyone is getting used to speaking in a mask, so just take your time when ordering or talking to someone when wearing your mask.
  2. Just breathe. When you breathe, you feel calmer with what you are saying!
  3. Just own it. As mentioned above, everyone is getting used to wearing masks, so just own your stammer.

Hold up stammering cards

Our Youth Panel member, Georgie, has also come up with a brilliant idea just in case anyone gets stuck while wearing their mask.

Georgie wrote into us and suggested that having a small card that you can hand to someone explaining that you stammer, would help people who may be stammering while wearing their mask.

You can download the cards here to print:



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