Trusts & Foundations

At Action for Stammering Children, all grants no matter how small, can have a lasting effect on children and young people who stammer.  As a Charity we receive no monetary support from government, and so support from charitable trusts and foundation is vital to our continuing work with children and young people who stammer.

You can choose to support a number of initiatives and projects such as:

Assessments – for children and young people who stammer which are at the heart of the Charity’s work, research, group and individual therapy.  In 2016/17 315 assessements were undertaken in partnership with the Michael Palin Centre.

Research – into the cause of stammering and the impact on society.

Individual and group therapy – in partnership with the Michael Palin Centre.

Our Charity funded helpline – each year helping 600 people a year get the help and support needed for children and young people who stammer.

ASC Youth Panel – 15 young people aged 13 – 25 meet to help shape the Charity’s projects and to give young people a voice in society.  In 2015/16 the ASC Youth Panel launched its own website – – as it looks to recruit other young people as ASC Youth Ambassadors.

Regional ‘Talking Out’ Residential – Charity funded ‘Talking Out’ residential currently in North Yorkshire and Staffordshire working with between 10 and 20 young people who stammer over a week long residential of activity.  Mixed in with speech and language therapy to push their boundaries, participating young people see an increase in their confidence and their ability to speak in groups.

Our work in schools

Alternatively, you can make an unrestricted donation which provides us with the flexibility to use the funds to meet the varying individual needs of the children we see.

Special thanks

We would in particular like to thanks those Trusts that have significantly donated to us over the years, including The Stuttering Foundation in America, Garfield Weston Foundation, Woodroffe Benton Foundation, City Bridge Trust, Leathersellers’, D’Oyly Carte, Emily Hughes-Hallet, and Wessex Youth Trust to name a few.

For more information contact:

Joe Hipgrave, Trust and Foundations Manager – [email protected] or call: 020 3316 8113


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