There are specific moments in life that involve added stress and uncertainty, having an affect on a young person’s stammer. They often involve major changes, or “transitions” from one step in life to the next. These transition periods can be:

  • Primary to Secondary School
  • Secondary School to College/University
  • Starting the World of Work

‘Transitions’ is a project developed with the help of the ASC Youth Panel and is aimed at helping young people to reach their potential. We want to help them build the confidence to transition into the next stage of their education and to not be held back by their stammer. Similar to our ‘Stambassadors’ project, Transitions connects people from higher education with young people who stammer, sharing their stories and inspiring young people to think big when they are considering their next steps in their studies and initial journey into work.

The ASC Youth Panel is made up of a group of young people who stammer from across the UK. All members are at different stages of life and have experienced different situations relating to their stammer, with some in the early stages of secondary school, and others at university or starting their first job.

As a result, their experiences have been invaluable in understanding those transition points, and the best way for other young people who stammer (ASC Youth Ambassadors) to deal with these situations.

Please watch our videos below to hear from young people talking about their experience with a stammer at university.

Transitions videos
Michael Joyes - PhD Student in Bioplastics at Bath University

“You’ll start to feel inspired by your stammer and almost, certainly I do anyway, I feel proud to stutter” – Michael is a PhD student at Bath University researching Bioplastics and he has some inspiring words for young people about to start university.

Tom Wheeler - Fine Art Student at UCL

Tom is an art student at University College London and has set up his own stammer support group UCL. Listen to his advice for starting uni with a stammer and how to manage this big step.

Caroline Turner - Classics Student at Durham University

Passionate Classics student at Durham University and McGuire Programme coach, Caroline, has some motivating advice for young people who stammer and are about to start university.

Naheem Bashir - PhD Student at UCL

“I see my stammer as a sling-shot in that it held me back for so long, and now I’ve been released from it and it’s propelling me forward” – Inspiring words from PhD student at UCL, Naheem Bashir, who is researching the brain basis of stammering and how to improve therapeutic approaches.

Starting Secondary
Starting University
Starting Work

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