Major Donors

Why make a major gift to Action for Stammering Children and what we can offer in return:

How your donation can help

Through the generosity of your donation, we can make sure that we spend your gift in a way that is relevant to your interests and needs:

  • Fund therapy for young people who stammer at the Michael Palin Centre
  • Train more speech and language therapists from across the UK to become specialists in stammering
  • Fund pioneering research into stammering
  • Support residential courses in different areas of the UK to help build the confidence of young people who stammer
  • Support the work of the ASC Youth Panel in giving young people who stammer a voice and helping us reach more children and young people who stammer

What we can offer in return

As a valued supporter and a member of the Action for Stammering Children community, we can offer:

  • Regular updates on ASC’s work and the impact of your support
  • Be invited to our events involving our Vice Presidents
  • We can thank you publically for your support
  • Come and meet the Charity to see your donation in action (where appropriate)

Making a Major Donation

To make a major donation and discuss any areas of interest/concern, contact: Ria Bernard, Chief Executive at [email protected] or call 0203 316 8113.


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