Working with 15-18’s @thepalincentre via Zoom (April 2023)


Please note: this training is online via Zoom.

This workshop will aim to increase participants’ understanding of the issues involved in working with secondary school students who stammer, their confidence in assessing overt and covert aspects of stammering, and their skills in integrating speech management, communication skills and psychological approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in packages of care which reflect individual need. The course will present work which can be adapted for individual or group therapy for teenagers aged 15 -18 years.

The workshop will be supported by video demonstrations of therapy at the Michael Palin Centre, skills practice, discussion and problem-solving.

Photocopiable resources will be emailed to participants in advance.

Course content

Day 1: Theoretical issues and assessment

the nature of adolescence and of chronic stammering;
the MPC triad of therapy components: speech management, communication skills and cognitive change;
skills involved in building an effective therapeutic relationship with teenage clients;
use of the Stuttering Severity Instrument-3, the OASES S/T, and the MPC interview formats for younger teenagers and older teenagers; and
clinical decision making and goal setting.
Day 2: Speech management

solution-focused goal setting;
discussion and practice of fluency shaping and block modification approaches;
identification and desensitisation with individuals and in group work;
use of hierarchies to increase confidence, address speech fears and reduce avoidance;
introducing cognitive reframing with clients; and
how to encourage self-help and maintenance.
Day 3: Communication skills work and cognitive change

the rationale and process of communication skills work – integrating communication skills work with speech management and cognitive reframing;
activities for developing communication skills and confidence with teenagers; and
action planning – application of course work to participants’ own setting.
Learner outcomes

At the end of this course participants will:

be familiar with assessment protocols for younger and older teens, including: the Stuttering Severity Instrument-3, the OASES S/T, an interview for young teenagers, and a more extensive interview for older teenagers aged 15+;
be familiar with the principles and practice of fluency shaping and speech modification therapy;
be familiar with rationale for including communication skills work and how to integrate this into the therapy process;
be familiar with a generic cognitive model and the principles of cognitive reframing; and
be familiar with the issues involved in working with teenagers and the specific therapeutic skills relevant to working with this client group.
Who is this suitable for?

Qualified speech and language therapists

Please read our booking terms and conditions before booking.

19 Apr 2023 - 21 Apr 2023

Location: ZOOM

Cost: £ £415

Information: Click here


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