Supporting 8 to 14s who stammer @thepalincentre via Zoom (February 2023)


Please note: this training is online via Zoom.

This three day workshop will aim to increase speech and language therapists’ knowledge and skills in assessing and treating primary school-aged children. The course will also aim to develop participants’ confidence in the management of this age group. It will be supported by video, discussion, skills practice and clinical resources that will be emailed to participants in advance of the course. This course is appropriate for therapists working with children from 8 to 14 years old.

The transferable skills taught in this course include engaging parents in the assessment and therapy process; communicating complex and/or sensitive information to parents; using video feedback to develop parents’ confidence and skills; and addressing wider child management issues with parents, e.g. emotional, behavioural issues. These skills are applicable with a wide range of clinical contexts and caseloads.

Course content

Day 1: Theoretical issues and assessment:

A multifactorial model of stammering and relevant research

Assessing primary school-aged children: case history, child interview, fluency assessment and how to develop a formulation of the individual child’s needs

Developing an effective therapeutic relationship with children and their families, drawing on SFBT and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Principles and components of a treatment package using video interaction as a basis for change

Day 2: Working collaboratively with families:

Palin Stammering Therapy for Children (Palin STC): use of video to facilitate change (drawing on Palin PCI principles)

An introduction to using SFBT to identify children’s and parents’ strengths, best hopes and signs of change

Discussion about specific communication skills including observation, listening, turn-taking, praise and reinforcement, problem-solving and negotiation skills in the family

A series of session-by-session activities will be presented which form the structure for this communication skills approach

Day 3: Working with speech: fluency shaping, block modification, fear and avoidance. Putting it into practice in the clinic and beyond.

Discussion and practice of both fluency shaping and block modification approaches

Building confidence and managing feelings, fears and avoidance

Transfer and maintenance

Group skills – weekly groups and children’s intensive course

Teasing and bullying and liaison with schools – working effectively with teachers

Discussion of Care Pathways; application of the course to team settings; action planning

This workshop will combine theory with video-observation, skills practice, discussion and problem-solving. The timing given is approximate.

Learning outcomes
At the end of this course participants will:

Be familiar with assessment protocols for primary school-aged children and their families

Be familiar with the principles and practice of Family Communication Skills Therapy (FCS), including use of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) scaling

Be familiar with fluency shaping and block modification approaches to speech management

Be more confident about assessing and treating primary school-aged children

Please read our booking terms and conditions before booking.

8 Feb 2023 - 10 Feb 2023

Location: ZOOM

Information: Click here


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