Solution Focused Brief Therapy @thepalincentre via Zoom (April 2023)


Please note: this training is online via Zoom.

This two-day workshop, which is open to all professionals, will be a practical introduction to the principles and practice of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (de Shazer, 1985; Ratner, George & Iveson, 2012).

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) changes the focus of therapy from the problem to the solution, exploring what clients want from therapy and using clients’ resources and strengths to achieve their best hopes. SFBT is applicable to clients with a range of difficulties and the team at MPC have been using it with parents, children, teenagers and adults who stutter for many years. SFBT can be adapted for use in clinical supervision and team meetings.

The day will include teaching, discussion and practical exercises and will be supported by video observation.

The video material and case studies presented during the workshop involve clients who stutter, however the approach is applicable to all clients with speech, language and communication difficulties and their families.

Who is this suitable for?
This workshop is open to all professionals working with children, young people and their parents, in a healthcare or education setting.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

explain the principles and practice of SFBT;
describe the structure and content of a typical SFBT session;
use questions that encourage clients to identify their best hopes from therapy, their preferred future and their resources and strengths; and
monitor progress using an SFBT-consistent measure.
Course outline

PART ONE: The principles of SFBT: shifting focus from the problem to the solution, building on clients’ resources and strengths and seeing a person as more than their problem.

PART TWO: The first session: building connection, exploring clients’ best hopes from therapy, describing their preferred future, noticing instances of success that are already occurring, complimenting and ending.

PART THREE: Follow up sessions: scaling and identifying small signs of change, exploring what clients have been pleased to notice and handling things staying the same.

PART FOUR: Measuring outcomes: monitoring clients’ progress over time; working in groups.

PART FIVE: the therapist’s role in SFBT.

PART SIX: using the solution focused approach in clinical supervision; and round up and discussion – use of the solution focused approach in participants’ clinical settings.

What other have said about the SFBT course

“Applicable to so many different areas of our role and client groups, and in so many different contexts, so helpful for developing therapy skills and for understanding the power of hope and curiosity”

“I like that we covered how SFBT can be used in different contexts”

“The course content was fantastic – theory so we really understand the rationale and inspiration behind it and also the opportunity to watch a lot of videos so that we could see the approach in action – and this was done in an interactive way so that we could comment/ask questions”

Please read our booking terms and conditions before booking.

26 Apr 2023 - 27 Apr 2023

Location: ZOOM

Cost: £ £270

Information: Click here


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