Children who Stammer Make Some Noise (and so do Michael and Ed!)

October 9th has been an extraordinary day for the Michael Palin Centre.

A number of London radio stations, such as Heart, LBC, Capital and Smooth have today launched a new charity called ‘Make Some Noise’. One of the benefitting charities is Action for Stammering Children, which supports the Michael Palin Centre. Over the past few weeks we have played host to a number of radio presenters who wanted to see our work and meet the young people, and we have been to the radio studios to make some recordings.

This morning Michael Palin and Ed Balls talked on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show about our work with children who stammer and a number of the recordings of the young people at the Centre were aired. Another presenter, Matt Wilkinson spoke of his own struggles with stammering as a child and featured more clips of children and a therapist talking. Capital Radio’s Pandora also featured our work. This afternoon two of the children and a therapist are going to the LBC studio to be interviewed by Clive Bull for his show this evening.

A wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of Action for Stammering Children and the Michael Palin Centre. And for our young people – five minutes of fame!



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