Youth Panel member, Thomas, gives his advice

I think what helps a person with a stammer to deal with it a bit better is to think of the stammer as not something that’s such a big deal. Obviously it’s hard a lot of the time to not see it as something other than a bit of a hindrance, but if you look at it as something that’s only a small part of you and that what you’re saying is much more important than how you say it, then I think that’s quite a good outlook to have about your speech.

Why the Youth Panel is important to me

For a charity such as ASC, where their work is tailored towards young people and helping children with their stammers, to have the input of young people who maybe are slightly older and have already had help from the charity or other places, to help advise what would help children and young people through this Youth Panel is helpful for the charity to then use the input to adapt the work that they’re doing.

More case studies

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Youth Panel member, Thomas, gives his advice

Something I would recommend to people who stammer

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