Iruum and her experience of the intensive course at the MPC

Irrum (aged 10) was referred to the Michael Palin Centre by her parents. She had had some speech and language therapy both in Year 2 and Year 4 but the stammering was still a big problem and the family was becoming very concerned about how she would cope with the move to secondary school.

During the assessment, Irrum described the worries that she had every day about answering the register, reading aloud and answering questions. Some of the children in her class had made fun of her by imitating her stammering, both in the classroom and in the playground. The teacher told them off but they didn’t take any notice. Irrum told us that she had stopped putting her hand up and sometimes complained of a sore tummy or headache when she knew that she would have to speak aloud in front of the class. Irrum really wanted to be in the school play but was too frightened to volunteer.

Irrum came on an intensive course for two weeks with her parents in the Easter holidays. Her younger brother also came for one day so that he could see what was happening too. There were eight children in the children’s group and their parents went into a separate group.

Irrum and her parents were delighted with the course. They told us how important it had been to them as a family. They now understood why stammering is such a complicated problem and why it had been so difficult for Irrum in the past. Irrum now knows what to do when things feel difficult, she has lots of fluency tips to use in class and with friends and her parents have practical ways of supporting her when necessary, and they know that they can leave her to get on with things when that is important.

Irrum was in the school play at the end of term, she has now started her new school and the news so far is good. The family still keeps in touch with the others in the group and they still meet regularly.

They also know that they can come back to us for a top-up whenever necessary.   Set-backs and blips are normal.  We expect this to happen so make use of us when you need us! Irrum still comes in from time to time to go over things again or talk about any new problems she is experiencing.


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Irrum (aged 10) was referred to the Michael Palin Centre by her parents


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