Careers Networking Event

For young people who stammer, climbing the first rungs of the career ladder can often be a daunting prospect. The charity Action for Stammering Children (ASC) will be holding a careers networking event, on the 11th July, to help connect young people who stammer with adults who stammer and have built successful careers across a wide and interesting variety of fields.

Action for Stammering Children has assembled a group of volunteer ‘Stambassadors,’ adults who stammer and are successful in their fields. Over the course of the event the Stambassadors will share their stories and encourage the young people to not limit themselves when it comes to starting their careers.

Jordan Hall, Parliamentary Researcher for Anna Turley MP, is one of the Stambassadors who will be attending the event. He would discourage any young person who stammers from feeling that their stammer may hold them back. “It can be easy to look at jobs and think ‘that’s a lot of speaking’ but young people who stammer should focus on what they enjoy doing and what they want to do. My stammer has never been an issue at work; my colleagues are really supportive. They always give me any time I need to finish what I want to say and they don’t rush me. They’re actually quite encouraging, especially my boss.”

“I think my 13-year-old self would be really quite shocked at the kind of things I’ve managed to do. At 13 I was really quite shy, I wouldn’t have even spoken up in class, so I think he’d be really quite surprised that I’m working in parliament.”

Steven Gauge, Chief Executive of ASC said, “Young people who stammer have told us that they sometimes find the transition between school and university and into a career as being particularly challenging. Our Stambassadors have shown that it has been very possible to have a successful career and that having a stammer need not hold them back. We hope that the young people attending our event will get the information and the inspiration they need to make a seamless transition into the world of work.”

The event is supported by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and is to be held at their London Headquarters.

For more information, contact Steven Gauge at ASC on 020 3316 8113.

Tickets to the event can be found at:



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