Double the impact of your donation this December

Will you donate £10 to our Big Give Christmas Challenge Campaign? 

In the run up to Christmas, thousands of families across the country will be desperately seeking life-changing support for their child who has a stammer. Parents are worrying about the effect of stammering on their children’s well-being, future hopes and lifetime ambitions. Children who stammer may lack confidence and become withdrawn, face bullying and eventually start to limit their aspirations because society makes them believe that their stammer will hold them back.  

This is why specialist Speech & Language Therapy is so integral to ensuring that children and young people who stammer are given the tools, knowledge and support to realise their potential.  

We know the detrimental impact that stammering can have on a child socially and emotionally at such a critical time in their development. Imagine – Milly is starting her first day at school and, in addition to all the other anxieties about a new environment and unfamiliar people, she also faces uncertainty over how others will respond to her stammer, how she will cope with the register in front of her new class, and whether the other children will make fun of her in the playground. Without specialist support, there is no one to support Milly and Milly’s parents, to educate the school or help her to navigate the challenges of new lessons with new teachers and new friends.  

So, this year, we’re asking you to consider donating to our Big Give Christmas Challenge to raise £10,000 for specialist therapy that would otherwise be unavailable for children and young people who stammer across the UK. Every donation will be matched pound for pound, so up until 6th December, the impact of your donation will be doubled! 

The pandemic has left us with long waiting lists and reduced service capacity, making it increasingly difficult to get access to specialist Speech and Language Therapy that makes such a huge difference to the lifelong outcomes of children who stammer. At Action for Stammering Children, we are committed to ensuring that every child who stammers gets the support and help they need as early as possible – help us help more children this Christmas.  

Thank you.  



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