ASC Youth Ambassadors

Are you a young person who stammers with a desire to raise awareness of stammering across the UK? We’re urging young people to sign up to become ASC Youth Ambassadors and join a growing, online community of young people aged between 13 and 25 wishing to have their voices heard.

Once you’re signed up we will add you to our mailing list and send you an email with a link to our ASC Youth Ambassadors Facebook page where you can join in the discussion!

Get Involved and Join the Discussion – When you’re all signed up to our Facebook page, join the debate and let your voice be heard. We’ll be ‘Shouting about Stammering!’ and discussing topics on how we can alter the public perception around stammering.

You should sign up to become a Youth Ambassador if:

  • You are aged between 13-25 and live in the UK
  • You have a stammer or have an understanding of issues impacting young people who stammer
  • You have an interest in influencing how society perceives young people who stammer and how to raise awareness or stammering in the UK

Please click here to sign up via the ASC Youth Panel website now!


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