Applications for our second Stambition mentoring cohort are now open

Young people who stammer can grow up feeling that they need to limit their employment choices
and ambitions due to misconceptions and misunderstanding around stammering in society. They –
and their parents – can ask what careers are open to adults who stammer.

Naturally, the answer is any career. People who stammer can choose and flourish in any career.

Our community of ASC Stambassadors offer insight and inspiration to thousands of young
people looking ahead to entering the world of work, by sharing their experiences of
navigating the challenges they have faced in the workplace.

Stambition mentees are carefully paired with an adult who also stammers with relevant industry experience for 1:1 mentoring over a 6-month period. All mentors are provided with expert training and ongoing supervision in order to safely and effectively fulfil their mentoring role and offer a bespoke and truly personal experience.

The feedback from this first cohort of mentors and mentees was overwhelmingly positive and
illustrated the value of such a programme to young people who stammer at a significant point in
their lives. Mentees expressed gains in confidence, increased openness about stammering in the
workplace, success at interviews and securing promotion, as well as enhanced self-belief and
ambition to explore employment options aligned with personal interests and goals. Here a just a few
examples of what cohort one said about participating in the programme:

“To be mentored by an inspirational person who stammers was an empowering experience.”

“Nothing could of prepared me for how rewarding and therapeutic this opportunity has been. Being
given the opportunity to be able to support a young person [as they] embark on their vocational
pathway has been extremely rewarding for me. No one should have to play down their dreams.”

To our knowledge, this is the first mentoring programme run for young people who stammer by
adults who stammer. This programme is fully funded by Action for Stammering Children.

Are you an adult who stammers who would like to make a difference to a young person who
stammers as they navigate the world of work?

Do you know a young person who stammers who would be interested in regular mentoring with
an adult who stammers with relevant industry knowledge and experience in their chosen field?

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via e-mail: in[email protected]


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