Action for Stammering Children invites families to have their say in future research


Action for Stammering Children (ASC), the national charity for children and young people who stammer, and their families, and the James Lind Alliance (JLA) are inviting the stammering community to take in part in the next stage of their research priorities project to determine the top ten priorities for future research into developmental stammering.  

In February of 2022 we released the initial survey, inviting young people who stammer, their relatives, friends and people who support and advocate for them to share the questions that they wanted answered by future research. 

The response was fantastic, and we received hundreds of questions that have been taken forward to this second survey. Now, we are inviting individuals with experience of stammering to select and rank the questions they would like to see included in the Top Ten to inform future research.   

This is the first priority setting partnership for childhood stammering in the UK. We’re delighted to be working with colleagues and organisations from across the stammering community and are grateful to the James Lind Alliance for their continued support. 

The findings of this survey will help guide future research into stammering and ensure that the questions that matter most to people who have experience of stammering are addressed. 

Ria Bernard, Chief Executive of Action for Stammering Children said: 

“It has been wonderful to read the questions that children and young people who stammer, parents and those who work with these young people want to know about stammering. At ASC we work to facilitate and champion research, and ensuring those with experience of stammering have a voice in that research is essential. I’m very much looking forward to the outcomes from this prioritising survey, which will take us a step closer to compiling the Top Ten research priorities for stammering.” 

You can take part in the survey by clicking here

If you have any questions about the project, email us: [email protected] 

You can find information about our Developmental Stammering PSP on the James Lind Alliance website by clicking here

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Media contact:

Connor Tregunna, Projects & Communications Co-ordinator

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Stammering is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting approximately 8% of children.

It is estimated 1% of adults stammer.

Stammering affects speech fluency and can impact children’s social and emotional development.

Action for Stammering Children is the national charity for children and young people who stammer and their families.



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