11 year old Shelby writes about his BBC interview

Hi, my name is Shelby and i am 11 years old. 
Recently, I was on the BBC news, and this is what happened….

It was a very cold and wet December afternoon, and the filming almost didn’t happen because of the weather. Felicity Baker who is a reporter and a producer  and Tony Dulce the camera man and also a producer  were really nice, even though i was nervous. Tony was really funny and that always made me feel less nervous. We did a couple of attempts of filming in our garden until we found the interview that was just right. They then asked me and my dad to play football, to record some of the shots of us having lots of fun! Even though it didnt get shown on the BBC news, they did my dad’s interview too.

Shelby filming with the BBC

 It was really nice to talk to someone like Felicity about what its like to have a stammer as she has had one from childhood like me. We both had quite different experiences, mine was winning a talent show, at my school in  Colney Heath,  using my voice I did some impersonations of famous people like Mr Bean. “This made me more motivated to to push myself to do more things.” This also made me really comfortable, knowing that other people go through the same difficulties that i do such as Felicity who reports on the news.
 In my opinion, this really benefited my confidence with having a stammer!

You can too!

Watch Shelby’s interview on BBC below.



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